Conveyancing Fees and Costs Explained

When you consider moving you should prepare a budget of what costs are involved. Get several quotes and compare. Only go for fully detailed quotes that itemise all the legal fees that are associated with your anticpated move. Plan your expenditure.

Your moving costs will include:

Property Deposit

The Deposit is often a percentage of the purchase price. You need to ensure that you can afford other associated costs, once you have paid the deposit. All too often a deposit is paid and Homebuyers find it hard to live once they have moved in to their new home.

Stamp Duty Fee

The stamp duty system was changed in 2014. It is now much better and you can use online stamp duty calculators. Another way is to take a Conveyancing quote from our website and the Stamp duty is detailed in the quote which is specific to your property purchase price.

Valuation Fee

Your lender if your are borrowing money will insist that you have a valuation. This values the property. It is not a survey. The purpose is to advise both you and the lender that the value of the property is equal to your offer price. If it is less then you should consider the reasons for the down valuation.

Survey Fee

It is wise to get a survey on your property from a Chartered Surveyor (RICS). You can ask for a Survey that meets certain criteria that will help you both short and long term. Some people want to know both what is wrong with the property that they have made an offer on and how much it will cost to put right. Other people just want a basic survey. Our top tip is that your offer was ‘subject to survey’ and as such the report will give you the information to possibly consider making a revised offer. A detailed report will certainly help you when formulating your revised offer.

Conveyancing Fees

You need to become the legal owner of the property and to do that you employ the services of a Property Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer. The legal fees will be based around certain questions about your property and your current situation. Our online conveyancing quote calculator will ask you a few questions and in return you will get a fully detailed quote with all the legal fees itemised. Some Solicitors charge extra fees when the property is a leasehold or when you are buying a property under the help to buy scheme. It is important that you arrange a call back from your Conveyancer to discuss all associated fees that you will incur.

Moving Costs

With the ability to compare quotes quickly online you can now get moving quotes. You should get 3 quotes and determine what is included. Packing materials now form part of the cost, so please ask your chosen removal company on what they provide. Garments can often be transferred to special boxes that have a hanging rail.

Top Tip ask about the insurance – what is covered when you move.


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